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Ocean Medallion

About the Project

With an Ocean Medallion a cruise ship becomes a smart ecosystem by giving guests and crew more ways to connect and curate their experience. Each Medallion holds a guests’ unique digital identity and communicates with readers throughout each ship and in select ports. It allows crew to know guests’ info and serve them better. Ocean Medallion works in conjunction with Ocean Compass, a digital display that serves as a vacation concierge before, during, and after their journey. 

Date Created: Jun, 2016
Project Type: Large scale display, mobile app, Roku TV
Design Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Principle, Maya, Unity
Duration: June 2016 - Nov 17, 2017
My Role: 3D Modeling, UX Design, Design Flow, Interaction Design, Prototype and Testing, Design QA and Review, Field Study 
Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at

My Domains

• Wayfinding
• Memories (Post Cruise)
• Mobile Experience Team

One of the biggest problems that Cruise-Goers face is navigating the labyrinthian halls and decks of the ship. It's all too easy to completely lose your sense of direction, signage on board isn't exactly the most visible, and even landmarks look similar. The Wayfinding domain of the Ocean Compass was developed to end that confusion and significantly reduce the learning curve of vacation navigation. 



Based on On Board expectations and to align with the vision of whole design system, site maps were created to demonstrate seamless end-to-end experience in various scenarios of Wayfinding. After developing the maps we moved on to prototyping the flow to test with directors of the Carnival Corporation and potential users.

Mobile Flow

Kiosk Flow

Mobile Prototype

The primary experience of the Wayfinding Domain is to get guest from A to B as well as leave them open ended to explore on their own. The interface has simple UI to take them to important place quickly like their stateroom, their safety station, or the nearest bathroom. One of the core experiences is the ability to connect with other guests and friends deemed your "SeaMates". Once connected you can see your friends on your map making it easy to coordinate and meet up at any point of the journey!

When the adventure ends we are left with a collect of photos and memories to share with our friends and family. No more obnoxious Facebook albums, or boring slide shows, Ocean Memories takes all of your best moments and creates a timeline of your vacation for you. Enjoy having all of your cruising memories in the same place as well as; Staying connected with your past SeaMates, Planing your next cruise, or just reliving the memories of your past experience. It's all the customization and delight of a photo album, but the user doesn't have to spend hours putting it together.


My main role in this domain was visual design, interaction, and flow. 

Frame 31.png

What Next?

With the main bulk of the project completed I continued to consult on the further development of the mobile Ocean Application. We optimized features and hoped to introduce Guest Services features that take advantage of the locational awareness bringing the fun and relaxation directly to our users.

Some of the features detailed above were not optimized for the product launch. It's unsure if they continued to develop these features after my leave on the project.

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