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Corinne Romano

UX Designer & Concept Artist

About Me :

Hi there, I'm Corinne. By day I'm an experienced UX Designer, and by night I make strange and unusual art pieces! 

After graduating Dartmouth in 2015 with high honors in studio arts I took a position with the Dartmouth Computer Science department as an apprentice and assistant professor. From there I took my first UX position out in Seattle WA, packed up my life and moved across the country. I mentored under capable leaders, prolific developers, and close friends. Through these relationships I strengthened my ability  adaptable to the task at hand, and am always looking to go above and beyond. My goal is to bring out the life in my work, regardless of the medium.

During the pandemic I decided to go back to school to achieve a Masters in UX Design. I will graduate from MICA with my new degree in May 2022.

Sinclair Digital

Graduated Dartmouth

As a Senior UX Designer I completely redesigned Sinclair's Mobile News Apps

UX Masters from MICA

Level 11

Worked as a
UX Designer on several large scale multi-media projects. 


Became the Principle UX Designer and currently working on another large scale redesign

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