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Corinne Romano

UX Designer & Concept Artist

"Pawsitively" is concept project partnering with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). This project was completed solo as the capstone to MICA's UXD Masters program. The proposal is designed for a mobile device and connects both adults and children with a fun and educational AR experience. Discovering endangered species both on and off AZA accredited locations, the app educates the users on the animal they've "discovered" and suggests participating in conservation efforts to help animals and environments in need.



Capstone Case Study 2022

Mobile Apps

App Launch 2021

While working for Sinclair Digital from 2018 to 2020 I was in charge of redesigning their app experience for their 76 local news stations. A complete overhaul of the design system was instantiated over several iterations. There was a concentration on optimizing the visuals for local station branding  and the content organization and navigation for the user. During this process we also experimented with a proof of concept of a gamified news app.

News Mobile Apps History.png

When Carnival Cruises launched their smart ships they created an onboard digital ecosystem to elevate the guest experience. One facet of this project was a smart way finding system to help guests find their way around the massive ships. Powered by personal RFID medallions, they were able to track movement around the ship and suggest the best routes, unlock guest room doors, pay for certain items, and even curate a vacation photo album.


Ocean Medallion

App Launch 2017
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